Expert Groups

The following expert groups operates in the department:

Telecommunications and Multimedia

The expert group is mainly engaged in new generation networks, access networks, security of communications, Voice over IP, multimedia transmission and processing of speech signals. In the field of education, group solved projects are of European funds which significantly contributed to ensuring the training of graduates to professionally oriented communication technologies. The group cooperates with many companies and solves science and research projects, where previously the most significant achievement was the European project EU FP 7 “INDECT” (2009-2014) with a budget of almost 15 mil. EUR.

Group leader: prof. Ing. Miroslav Vozňák, Ph.D.

Mobile and Radio Communications

The group’s activities are focused on solving the problems of mobile radio communications, antennas, and antenna systems. The main areas include research on the effects of atmospheric in the radio channel, an adaptation of the guard interval according to the radio channel impulse response and more accurate location of users in mobile networks.

Group leader: Ing. Roman Šebesta, Ph.D.

Optical Communications and Optoelectronics

Projects solved by OPTICE group come from various grant offers, but also by cooperation with the corporate sector. The team is divided into smaller subteams that solves fiber-optic distributed systems, access optical networks, the simulation of optical components and optical communications systems, sensors and sensory applications and atmospheric optical communication.

Group leader: prof. RNDr. Vladimír Vašinek, CSc.

Applied Electronics in Communication Technology

The group solves the problems of high-frequency circuits communications technology, circuits for optical information transmission (fiber and fiber-free communications), application of microprocessors in telecommunications technology. The team is involved in the grant TA04021263 “intelligent modules for communication and lighting.” It also collaborates with the commercial sector – iDUM system development, development of house communication and access system.

Group leader: Ing. Radek Novák, Ph.D.