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Science and Research
Written by Libor Michalek  |  Saturday, 24.03.2007 14:43  |  Viewed 23647x  |  Last Updated on Wednesday, 23.03.2016 13:11

The basic orientation of the Department in the filed of science and research falls into the following areas:

  • Fiber optic sensors, micorcell optical networks, fibreless optical communications, DTS system, distributed temperature sensing along optical fiber
  • Wireless networks and mobile communications
  • Security in communications, intelligent systems for paging and public messaging 
  • Next-generation networks, architecture and development of applications
  • Research and development of new transmission technology with a focus on optical and mobile technologies
  • Research and development of mathematical models, design and optimization of broadband telecommunications networks and their verification

Topics of dissertations thesis tend to this areas of research as well as some topics of student's master thesis.

Projects are regularly acquired from agencies: