This application was developed within Bachelor Thesis and serves to calculate the quality of radio channel in second, third, fourth and fifth generation of mobile networks.

Application provides basic information about the parameters described below. If possible, you can calculate values of these parameters by filling the required fields. Most parameters are included in 3GPP specification and reported to serving cell as a code. Mapping tables with ranges of received levels and codes are also part of this application.

Application is using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.For GUI and technical reasons are used frameworks jQuery Mobile in version 1.4.5 and Bootstrap in version 3.3.7.

The application works specifically with the following parameters:

2. generation (GSM): RxLev, RxQual, BER, FER, BEP

3. generation (UMTS): CQI, BLER, RSCP, RSSI, Ec/No, SIR, SINR

4. generation (LTE): RSRP, RSRQ, SINR, CQI

5. generation (5G NR): SS-RSRP, SS-RSRQ, SS-SINR

Author: Adam Sladk√Ĺ (

Supervisor: Ing. Libor Michalek, Ph.D.